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2014 Board of Trustees Professors

One is a documentary filmmaker whose works have screened internationally, the other a physicist who has made his mark on some of the world’s most ambitious experiments.

Their disciplines couldn’t seem more different. But what Laura Vazquez and David Hedin share is an uncommon drive, along with a passion for immersing students in their work and creating opportunities for them to shine.

Northern Illinois University has selected Vazquez, a professor of communication, and Hedin, a professor of physics, as its 2014 Board of Trustees Professors, a top university honor that recognizes faculty members for international renown in their research and excellence in all facets of teaching.

“Since coming to NIU less than a year ago, I’ve met many extraordinary faculty members, and Laura Vazquez and David Hedin certainly are among the best of the best,” NIU President Doug Baker said.

“Throughout their careers, their work in and out of the classroom has been exemplary, always integrating NIU students. We could use both Laura and Dave as case studies in how faculty can nurture student career success.”

The Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees Professorship was established in 2007.

The award recognizes international prominence in research as well as excellence in all facets of teaching.

Upon appointment to the Northern Illinois University Board of Trustees Professorship, the recipient receives a stipend of $10,000/year that will be renewed annually during the period that the individual serves in this role.

No more than three awards are made each academic year and a total of no more than fifteen professorships will be active at any time. The term of the appointment is five years and is renewable on a competitive basis.

Laura Vazquez

Laura Vazquez
Department of Communication

David Hedin

David Hedin
Department of Physics