Study Abroad Programs in Southeast Asia

Summer 2016 study abroad  

CSEAS students will be immersing themselves in language this summer studying abroad. Four will be studying Indonesian, Tagalog and Thai this summer in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand as summer Foreign Language and Area Studies fellows. A fifth summer FLAS fellow will be studying Burmese  at the Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Two other students will be studying advanced Indonesian in Salatiga, Central Java, through the COTI program. There are lots of opportunities to expand your study of Southeast Asia iin the region with funding during the summer. For more information, contact CSEAS at cseas@niu.edu.  


  • Limited study abroad travel funds are available through the Provost's Study Abroad Travel Grant. For details, contact the Study Abroad office at (815) 753-0700. Ask about the Provost's Travel Grant for Study Abroad or the Provost's Honors Travel Grant for Study Abroad for possible travel funds for language and other summer study abroad programs in Southeast Asia. 
  • Visit our Student Funding page for related funding opportunities.

NIU Co-sponsored Programs

The Study Abroad Office provides links to the web sites of NIU-approved study-abroad providers. Click on Programs / By Country to search for approved programs in Southeast Asian countries.

For NIU Students: Those interested in taking language or area studies abroad through non-NIU programs are advised to work through NIU’s Study Abroad Office. By doing so, students can receive NIU credit and possibly have NIU financial aid apply, in addition to receiving liability and insurance protections.

Helpful Travel Information

The NIU Study Abroad Office provides many travel links, including information about passports, student identity cards, and tourism offices worldwide.

Programs & Scholarships from Other Institutions

The best way to find a reputable study abroad program is to meet with a Program Coordinator at the Study Abroad Office, who can help you find and choose an approved program. Students may petition to apply for a non-approved program; however, this must be done through the Study Abroad Office. Start this process at least a year in advance.