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Getting Started 

Planning and Consulting 

Early planning of your project can expedite the entire process, especially for time-sensitive projects. To initiate your job, contact the Office of Publications (Swen Parson Hall B12, 753-6070). Be prepared to talk about the specifics of your project, your target audience, your budget, and date needed. Once we have your final, complete text, your job will be scheduled and assigned to a designer who will then begin the production process. 


The services offered by the Office of Publications are provided at no cost to you (for consulting, design and production). Any charges you may incur in the production of your project will be for services such as typesetting, printing, and photography provided by Document Services and Media Services or by outside vendors. 


The turnaround time for completing a project depends on its complexity as well as the number of projects in production ahead of yours. Allowing for these variables, it can take four to six weeks from the date we receive your copy to delivery of your completed piece (to allow for design, proofing, production, and printing). See Job Production Process for a representative timeline of what it takes to produce a job.