Services - NIU - Office of Publications


Whether you need a recruitment brochure, annual report or newsletter, a poster, banner or specialty print item, we can deliver an effective and attractive communications piece that meets your needs. 

Our working relationship with other campus units such as Document ServicesMedia Services, and Procurement Services enhances our ability to help you every step of the way in producing your project. Let us help you with your communications needs through the following services: 

Consultation and Planning 

Do you need help figuring out where to begin with your project? Are you unsure of how best to present your message, or what medium and production format to use? Whether you come to us with a comprehensive plan or an initial concept, we can help you make the best decisions for your project, taking into account such variables as your purpose and audience, budget, timeline, and printing and postal requirements. 

Design Services 

Careful and intelligent design defines your project and goes a long way in communicating your message. Our design staff will work with you to create an effective and appropriate design solution that meets your needs, while conforming to the university’s visual identity program. A number of elements must be considered in creating a successful piece such as format, overall size, paper choices, ink colors, type style and imagery. The nature of your message, your audience, and your budget are also important considerations that factor into the overall process. 


We work closely with professional photographers in NIU’s Media Services - Imaging who can provide any photographic needs your project may require. Our designers will lend their expertise in determining your project’s photo requirements and can coordinate and direct your photography needs. While our services are free of charge, Media Services does charge for its services. 

Job Production Process 

From initial contact to project completion, our clients are involved throughout the production process. The time required to produce a job depends on several variables, including the complexity and nature of the project as well as the number of projects that are also in production. See our Job Production Process for a timeline of what it takes to produce a job. 

Other Services

While the Office of Publications offers a wide range of services, your project may require services we don’t provide. Check out our Where to Get What resource that lists a wide range of services and products offered by our office as well as other university offices. If you still have questions, call us; if we can’t help you, we probably know who can.