Faculty Associates

Department Name Title Email
Anthropology Judy Ledgerwood Acting Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Presidential Engagement Professor, Anthropology jledgerw@niu.edu
Anthropology Andrea Molnar Presidential Engagement Professor, Anthropology akmolnar@niu.edu
Art Education Shei-Chau Wang Associate Professor and Teacher Licensure Coordinator, Art and Design Education scwang@niu.edu 
Art History Catherine Raymond Director, Center for Burma Studies and Professor, Art History craymond@niu.edu
Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences Florensia F. Surjadi Assistant Professor fsurjadi@niu.edu
Geography Wei Luo Presidential Research Professor, Geography wluo@niu.edu
Geography Jim Wilson Associate Professor, Health, Population jwilson41@niu.edu
Geology Melissa Lenczewski Associate Professor, Environmental Studies lenczewski@niu.edu 
History Kenton Clymer Distinguished Research Professor, History kclymer@niu.edu
History Trude Jacobsen Professor, History tjacobsen1@niu.edu
History Eric Alan Jones Acting Director, Center for Southeast Asian Studies and Associate Professor, History eajones@niu.edu
Music Jui-Ching Wang Associate Professor, Music jcwang@niu.edu
Political Science Aarie Glas Assistant Professor, Political Science aglas@niu.edu 
Political Science Kikue Hamayotsu Associate Professor, Political Science khamayotsu@niu.edu
Political Science Scot Schraufnagel Professor, Political Science sschrauf@niu.edu 
Political Science Kheang Un Associate Professor, Political Science kun1@niu.edu
Public Administration Kurt M. Thurmaier Professor and Director, Division of Public Administration kthur@niu.edu
Public Health Tomoyuki Shibata Associate Professor, Public Health tshibata@niu.edu
University Libraries Hao Phan Donn V. Hart Southeast Asia Collection Curator, University Libraries hphan@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures Rhodalyne Gallo-Crail Instructor, World Languages and Cultures rgallocrail@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures Rahmi Aoyama Instructor, World Languages and Cultures rhartati1@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures Kheang Leang Instructor, World Languages and Cultures kleang@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures Tharaphi Than Associate Professor, World Languages and Cultures tthan@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures Kanjana Thepboriruk Assistant Professor, World Languages and Cultures kanjana@niu.edu

Retired Faculty Associates

Department Name Title Email
Anthropology Ronald Provencher Professor Emeritus rprovenc@juno.com
Anthropology Susan Russell Professor Emerita srussell@niu.edu
Art History Richard M. Cooler Professor Emeritus rmcooler@niu.edu
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Arlene Neher Director Emerita, External Programming arleneneher@gmail.com 
Computer Science George "Jim" Henry Professor Emeritus henry@cs.niu.edu
Computer Science Robert Zerwekh Associate Professor Emeritus rzerwekh@niu.edu
Donn V. Hart Southeast Asian Library Collection Lee Dutton, Jr. Assistant Professor/Librarian Emeritus ldutton@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures John Hartmann Professor Emeritus hartmann.jf@gmail.com
World Languages and Cultures Patricia Henry Professor Emerita phenry@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures Grant Olson Information Technology Coordinator, Foreign Language Multimedia Learning and Training Center golson@niu.edu
World Languages and Cultures U Saw Tun Associate Professor Emeritus sawtun@niu.edu
History Barbara Posadas Professor Emerita bposadas@niu.edu
Music Kuo-Huang Han Professor Emeritus khan@niu.edu
Political Science Clark Neher Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus clarkneher@hotmail.com 
Public Administration Curtis H. Wood Associate Professor Emeritus chwood@niu.edu
University Libraries Chalermsee Olson Associate Professor/Librarian Emerita eteolson@niu.edu


Department Name Title Email
Accountancy Chih-Chen Lee Professor cclee@niu.edu
Audiology King Chung Associate Professor kchung@niu.edu
English Doris M. Macdonald Associate Professor dmvm@niu.edu
History Sean Farrell Associate Professor sfarrel1@niu.edu
Psychology Alecia M. Santuzzi Associate Professor asantuzzi@niu.edu


Department College/University Name Title Email
Anthropology Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville Nancy Lutz Associate Professor nlutz@siue.edu
History Creighton University Michael Hawkins Assistant Professor MichaelHawkins@creighton.edu
Human Needs and Global Resources Wheaton College Laura Yoder Director Laura.Yoder@wheaton.edu
CSEAS Northern Illinois University Alan Potkin Independent Scholar apotkin@niu.edu